3 Free Apps to Block Calls on Android

block calls on Android

If you are looking for apps that can block unwanted calls on Android, then this is a useful list. Often, it is useful to know how to block calls or texts as it can get annoying if an ex or a telemarketer starts harassing you with unwanted calls. Find free apps that can help you block specific numbers from calling ... Read More »

Top 10 Sad Breakup Songs

Breakup Songs

Breakup is hard and these top 10 breakup songs will empathize with the pain and confusion you go through. Sad music somehow does a great job of making one feel better and understood during the breakup blues. This list has the best breakup songs you could listen to right away and walk away feeling better. Top 10 Breakup Songs This ... Read More »

10 Most Inspiring Eddie Vedder Quotes

Eddie Vedder Quotes

A list of the best Eddie Vedder quotes for this who are a fan of his music and inspirational lyrics. Eddie Vedder is an icon of alternative rock. Most people will know Eddie Vedder for being a part of the popular alternative rock band Pearl Jam. However, he is also an amazing songwriter and singer who has sung solo’s that ... Read More »

Marilyn Monroe to Feature in Sexy Hair’s Ad Campaign

Marilyn Monroe Sexy Hair

Sexy Hair has purchased the licensing rights to  “Monroe’s name, quotes and images” from Authentic Brands Group. The Authentic Brand Group owns all the rights to her intellectual property as well as collateral such as photographs.” The campaign is scheduled to launch in October. We have a sample advertisement that Sexy Hair intends to run using Marilyn Monroe’s brand value. ... Read More »

Top 3 Free BlackBerry Apps for Travel

Free BlackBerry Apps for Travel

If you travel a lot on business and use a Blackberry phone, then these free Blackberry apps can be of great use to you. Use them to make traveling convenient. While Android users have loads of options when it comes to free apps for their smartphones, BlackBerry is sort of restricted by options. However, there are still some great apps ... Read More »

GTA 5 Release: It’s Bigger & Better This Time

GTA 5 Release

Rockstar games is all set to release GTA 5. The release date is September 17, 2013. Gamers around the world are excited as the GTA 5 is bigger and better. From the official gameplay trailer released by Rockstar, this latest version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) promises to be a game changer with a radical improvement from previous edition. For ... Read More »

How to Download Instagram Videos

Download Instagram Videos

Looking to download Instagram videos? We tell you the easy way. Make use of the new Instagram feature where users upload 15-second videos. There are two ways that you can quickly download Instagram videos: 1. Using Torch Browser Torch video downloader is a rather cool feature of this browser. We can use the same to download Instagram videos as well. ... Read More »

List of Best Perfumes for Women – 2013

best perfumes for women

It is difficult to rank the best perfumes for women, however, a list is more useful for women to decide which perfume they like the most. A good perfume is very personal, since it can be quite impressionable about the sort of person a woman is. A good perfume also affects the mood and can make person feel nice, flirty, ... Read More »

5 Youtube Features You Did Not Know [Until Now]

Youtube Features

There are some Youtube features that the average user would not know. Youtube has some cool in-built features to make streaming videos faster and fun. Use these five Youtube features that can help you save time and have people calling you the coolest geek in the house. 1) Specify Start Time Have you ever wanted to specifically initiate a video ... Read More »

10 Best Weather Widgets for Android

weather widgets for Android

Weather widgets Android – the top 10 of those have been covered here.  Beautify your lock screen with these widgets. Weather can be an important information for many users, Android offers you an option to show the weather on your lock screen. Usually for the whole of a week. Also, Google Now gives you the instant weather update continuously on ... Read More »